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Please Rewind™ is a long running series based around three best friends, affectionately known as the Nerdly Trio™, who operate a video store with dreams of making a living in an industry they love. The series first appeared online in May 2004.


The characters at the center of the strip are a brother and sister and their friend who owns the video store.

Hank Burns

Owner / Manager

As a major movie buff, he purchased the store in a desperate attempt to make a living doing something that he enjoys. So far it seems to be working.

Tony Parsons

Assistant Manager

Hank’s childhood friend, he has an unhealthy addiction to sugar and cartoons. He was lured into the position with the promise of free movie rentals.

Monique Parsons

Video Clerk

The sister of Tony, she was rescued from a hellish fast food job when Hank hired her. While she’s often the voice of reason in the group, she’s not immune to her own flights of stupidity.



The comic is loosely based on my time as a clerk at a video store in the 1990’s. While the names have been changed and the experiences largely exaggerated for comedic effect, it’s heart lies in a real video store that used to exist.

To this day, I still feel there is nothing quite like the buzz and excitement felt on Friday nights when people would crowd into the store to rent the latest blockbuster. The neon, shelves of VHS cassette rewinders whirring away, that warm popcorn smell and more candy than you could safely eat in one sitting. All of it came together to make an experience that is sadly lost to time.